Image:  Three wind turbines on a mountain top at dawn

Why do we need wind energy?

The world is getting hotter, in fact by 1°C on land over the last 100 years, and the overwhelming concensus of scientific opinion is that human activities, particularly the emission of greenhouse gasses, are the cause.


The energy sector is by far the biggest source of these emissions, both in the UK and globally, and if we are to tackle climate change it is clear we need to move away from burning limited fossil fuel reserves to more sustainable and renewable sources of energy.


As well as being good for the planet, this is also good for economy as it reduces the UK's dependency on oil and gas imports - improving the balance of payments while also increasing energy supply security.


Almost uniquely there is cross-party political concensus that we need to see more renewable energy and the Government has set a binding target for 20% of the UK's electricity to come from renewable sources by 2020.


Wind power is a well proven and cost-effective technology and expected to be the main way in which industry responds to the Government's targets - so becoming an important source of electricity in years to come.



How does a wind turbine work?


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Image:  Chimneys emitting clouds of polution into the atmosphere
Without real change, the IPCC have forecast that temperatures will, by the end of the century, have risen by up to 4.0°C causing floods, starvation and over 30% species extinction. Read more»


Image:  Close up of coal
Over 80% of the world's energy comes from fossil fuels, a finite resource. Annual oil and gas consumption now far outstrips the new discovery rate and reserves are only sufficient for 40-60 years. Read more»


Image:  Houses of parliament
A range of legislation has been put in place at a Global, European and National level to encourage a greater use of renewable energy. Click here for a brief overview.



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